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Gulu, like all the territories along the Nile valley, belonged to the Apostolic Vicariate of Central Africa created in 1846, and which had been suspended because of too many deaths of missionaries. The sons and daughters of St. Daniel Comboni who were the first missionaries in Gulu had been there for a while.

The Vicariate of Central Africa was eventually re-activated and entrusted to Msgr. Daniel Comboni with the same boundaries of 1846. In 1877 he was promoted Bishop and Vicar Apostolic with his See in Khartoum. With the help of many explorers and commanders, Saint Daniel Comboni had studied and planned to push southward down to Uganda. Even so the Roman Authorities did not allow him to proceed.

Before Comboni’s death (1881) a Decree of Propaganda Fide had moved the southern boundary to the 10th degree latitude north and rectified the boundaries. On the 15th January, 1894 the boundary for Equatorial Nile was taken back to the 2nd degree latitude north. On 13th July, 1894 the “Uganda Vicariate” was finally established South of Victoria Nile. Thus, it was a satisfactory arrangement.

The Ecclesiastical Territory under the See of Gulu was created as an autonomous circumscription on 12th June, 1923 under the care of the Most Reverend Monsignor Antonio Vignato (1923-1933). It was then known as Apostolic Prefecture. On 10th December, 1934 it became what was known as Equatorial Nile under the care of Arua. On 1st December, 1950 it became a Diocese with His Excellency Bishop John Baptist Cesana (1950-1969) as the Ordinary.

From its large area were later detached the Dioceses of: Arua in 1958, Moroto in 1965, and Lira in 1968. December 1968, His Excellency Bishop Cipriano Dr. Kihangire was nominated by His Holiness Pope Paul VI, Bishop of Gulu and took possession of Gulu Diocese on 20th April, 1969 (died on 1st November, 1989). On 11th January, 1987 His Excellency Bishop Martin Luluga was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Gulu. He became Apostolic Administrator of Gulu in 1988 and was confirmed as Bishop of Gulu on 22nd February, 1990. He was installed as Bishop of Gulu on 12th April, 1990 (1988-1999).

On 30th January, 1999 His Holiness Pope John Paul II announced the erection of Gulu Diocese to a Metropolitan Archdiocese of Gulu and the Ecclesiastical Province of Gulu consisting of the three suffragan Dioceses of Arua, Lira and Nebbi.


Archbishop’s Residence
P.O.Box 200, GULU, Uganda
Tel: 0471-432026, 0772- 602943 Fax: +256 4714 434860
E-mail: metrog@archdiocesegulu.org Web page address: www.archdiocesegulu.org



 27,945 Sq   Km
 Major Seminarians (Religious)
 Total Population
 Minor Seminarians
 Catholics population
 Number Hospitals
 Number of Parishes
 Number of Health Centres
 Number of Chapels (Outstations)
 Number of Nursery Schools
 Diocesan Priests
 Number of Primary Schools
 Missionary Priests
 Number of Secondary &  Vocational schools
 Professed Religious men of  Diocesan Right
 Tertiary Institutions
 Professed Religious men of  Pontifical Right
  Number of Children in the   Nursery Schools
 Professed Religious Women of  Diocesan Right
  Number of Pupils in the  Primary   Schools
 Professed Religious Women of  Pontifical Right
  Number of Students in the Voc.&   Sec. Schools
  Number of Students in the   Tertiary Institutions
 Major Seminarians (Diocesan)
  Average no.per annum served at   Health Instns.



Archbishop His Grace John Baptist Odama
Vicar General Msgr. Matthew Odong
Episcopal Vicar of Gulu Vicariate Rev. Fr. Michael Lawrence Komakech
Episcopal Vicar of Kitgum Vicariate Msgr. Vincent Ojok Adot
Episcopal Vicar for the Religious Rev. Fr. Elia Pampaloni,MCCJ
Chancellor/Diocesan Treasurer Rev. Fr. Martin Agwee
Assistant Chancellor Rev. Fr. Anthony Diego Okello
Pastoral Coordinator Rev. Fr. Samuel Norbert Ocayamoi
Vocations’ Director Rev. Fr. Peter Francis Oyet
Dean of Holy Rosary Deanery Rev. Fr. Eric Justin Uma
Dean of Gulu Cathedral Deanery Rev. Fr. James Okello
Dean of Lacor Deanery Rev. Fr. Santo Onen
Dean of Christ the King Deanery Rev. Fr. Alfred Okumu
Dean of Kitgum Mission Deanery Rev. Fr. John Mark Oryem
Dean of Kalongo Deanery Rev. Fr. Joseph Opoka Jong


Executive Secretary Lay Apostolate Commission Rev. Fr. Matthew Ojara
Youth Chaplain Rev. Fr. David Okello Opiro
Education Secretary Rev. Fr. Robert Odong
Executive Secretary Social Communication Rev. Fr. Samuel Mwaka Okidi
Diocesan Health Coordinator Mr. Moses Ojera
AG Executive Secretary Justice & Peace Department Mr. Yasinto Okot Okidi
Executive Director Caritas Gulu Mr. John Bosco Aludi
Director Pontifical Mission Societies (P.M.S) Rev. Fr. Richard Lender Obedi
University of the Sacred Heart Gulu Fr. Jino O. Mwaka


1. Msgr. Matthew Odong
2. Fr. Sebastian Odong
3. Msgr. Vincent Ojok
4. Fr. Martin Agwee
5. Fr. Eric Justin Uma
6. Fr. Michael Lawrence Komakech
7. Fr. Romano Ouma
8. Fr. Callisto Locheng, AJ
9. Fr. Matthew Ojara
10. Fr. Guido Miotti,MCCJ
11. Fr. Leonsyo Akena


The Registered Trustees of Gulu Diocese Uganda is the legal body recognized by the state of Uganda in the relations between the Church and the State and other entities there in.

The members of the Board of Trustees of the Archdiocese of Gulu is an appointed body that assists the Archbishop in supervising and maintaining all property of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Gulu.

Its duties are: to formulate policies and guidelines for the administration of the temporal goods; to acquire and hold, to convey, to assign and demise any immovable or movable property or any interests in such property belonging to or held for the benefit of the Archdiocese of Gulu; to manage, administer, look after projects and all property and interest that are vested in it and to manage, control and direct all administrative and legal affairs of the Archdiocese of Gulu.

1. Most. Rev. John Baptist Odama
2. Msgr. Matthew Odong
3. Msgr. Vincent Ojok
4. Fr. Martin Agwee
5. Fr. Michael Lawrence Komakec


Most Rev. JOHN BATIST ODAMA Archbishop
Msgr. Matthew Odong →Vicar General
Msgr. Sebastian Odong →Episcopal Vicar
Msgr. Vincent Ojok →Episcopal Vicar
Msgr. Elia Pampaloni, MCCJ →Vicar for Religious
Rev. Fr. Martin Agwee →Chancellor
Rev. Samuel Ocaya →Pastoral coordinator
Rev. Fr. Raymonds Atube →Vocations Director
Rev. Fr. Eric Justin Uma →Dean
Rev. Fr. James Okello →Dean
Rev. Fr. Joseph Opoka Jong →Dean
Rev. Fr. Santo Onen →Dean
Rev. Fr. Alfred Okumu →Dean
Rev. Fr. John Mark Oryem →Dean
Rev. Fr. David Okello Opiro →Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain
Rev. Fr. Robert Odong →Education Secretary
Rev. Fr. Ramon Vargas, MCCJ →Comboni Missionaries
Rev. Fr. Callisto Locieng →Apostles of Jesus
Rev. Fr. Tony Wach →Society of Jesus
Rev. Danijel Lisjak →Salesian of Don Bosco
Rev. Fr. Edo Morlin →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Jino Mwaka Okech →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. John Peter Olum →Tribunal
Rev. Fr. Joseph Okumu →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Enzio Philipi →Comboni Missionaries
Rev. Fr. Gabriel Durigon →Comboni Missionaries
Rev. Fr. Josef Gerner →Comboni Missionaries
Rev. Fr. Patrick Otim Lakwera →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Cyprian Odongo →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Thaddaeus Opio →Chaplain
Rev. Fr. Serafine Opio →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Matthew Okun →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Remijo Obol →Diocesan Priest
Rev. Fr. Samuel Mwaka Okidi →Executive Secretary Social Communications


Bishop Ordinary: → His Grace John Baptist Odama
Vicar General: → Rev. Msgr. Matthew Odong
Chancellor → Rev. Fr. Martin Agwee
Pastoral Coordinator: → Rev. Fr. Samuel Norbert Ocayamoi
Episcopal Vicar of Kitgum Vicariate: → Rev. Msgr. Vincent Ojok Adot
Episcopal Vicar of Gulu Vicariate: → Rev. Fr. Michael Lawrence Komakec
Episcopal Vicar for the Religious → Rev. Msgr. Elia Pampaloni
Dean of Holy Rosary Deanery: → Rev. Fr. Justin Eric Uma
Dean of Lacor Deanery: → Rev. Fr. Santo Onen
Dean Gulu Cathedral Deanery → Rev. Fr. David Kolo
Dean of Kalongo Deanery: → Rev. Fr. Joseph Opoka Jong
Dean of Christ the King Kitgum Deanery: → Rev. Fr. Christopher Komakech
Dean of Kitgum Mission Deanery → Rev. Fr. John Mark Oryem