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The Bishop Ordinary of Soroti Catholic Diocese is the overall administrator of the Diocese.
He mandates all pastoral, spiritual and social programs and structures in the Diocese. He appoints office bearers (the Curia and heads of Commissions and Desks) and a Body of Consultors to support and advice him in his administration

The Pastoral Team of Soroti Catholic Diocese consists of the Diocesan Curia headed by the Bishop, 72 Diocesan Priests, 2 Missionary Priests, 56 Religious Sisters and 1,796 Catechists. Every Commission is supervised by an Advisory Board appointed by the Bishop. Every Parish has a Parish Pastoral Council and Committees that regularly plan for and support implementation of the Parish’s social and development programs. The Diocesan Commissions, schools and health units, together, employ over 4,000 staff. All these form part of the Diocesan Pastoral Team.

Our Team

The general administration of the Diocese is vested in the Bishop assisted by the Vicar General, an Episcopal Vicar for the Clergy and an Episcopal Vicar for the Religious. There exists a College of Consultors that offers advisory services to the Ordinary on policy and administrative matters of the Diocese. Its membership is drawn from among the clergy.

The Curia:


Vicar General:  

Episcopal Vicar for Clergy:  

Episcopal Vicar for the Religious:  


Finance Administrator:  

Moderator of the Curia:  


Rt. Rev. Joseph Eciru Oliach

Msgr. Robert Ecogu

Msgr. Silver Opio

Msgr. John Eriau

Fr. Padre Gonzaga Ongereny Waziwazi

Fr. Bernard Martin Aeko

Fr. Francis Kayaye




Commission Head Coordinator/Director/Secretary Assistant
1. Pastoral Coordinator
Fr. Samuel Ebietu Echelu
Fr. Charles Osire
2. Lay Apostolate Coordinator
Fr. Deogratias Oryangatum
Fr. Edmund Okella
3. Education Secretary
Fr. Francis Kayaye
Mr. Kisembo Stephen
4. Health Coordinator
Fr. Jerome Agelu
5. Caritas and Justice & Peace Director
Msgr. Fr. Silver Opio
Fr. Michael Omaria
6. Social Communications Director
Fr. Stephen Adou
7. Finance, Land & Projects Secretary
Fr. Bernard M. Aeko
Desk/Office Head Coordinator/Director Assistant
1. Vocations Director
Fr. Frederick Obore
Fr. Samuel Okiria
2. Doctrinal Desk Coordinator
Fr. Charles Osire
3. Ecumenism & Interfaith Coordinator
Fr. Deo Oteko
Fr. Fabian Ajuret
4. Liturgy Director
Fr. Cosmas Enyasu
Fr. Martin Wambeo
5. Liturgical Music Director
Fr. Matthias Ocamuna
Fr. Lawrence Akepa
6. Bible Department
Fr. Paul Ebwolu
Fr. J. Stephen Abachu
7. Pontifical Missionary Societies
Fr. Patrick Ochela
8. Minors & Vulnerable Adults Protection
Fr. Edmund Okella
9. Basic Christian Communicities 
Fr. Patrick Achedu
Fr. Joseph Onyait
10. Families Chaplain
Fr. Romanus Etwap
Fr. Michael Otim
11. Catechists Chaplain
Fr. John Paul Aisu
12. Youth Chaplain
Fr. Aloysius Gonzaga Ongereny
Fr. Deo Opure
13. Women’s Chaplain
Fr. Deogratias Oryangatum
14. Men’s Chaplain
Fr. Edmund Okella
15. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Chaplain
Fr. Edmund Okella
16. Legion of Mary Chaplain
Fr. Deogratias Oryangatum
17. Divine Mercy
Fr. Fred Obore
Vicariate Episcopal Vicar  
Vicariate for the Clergy
Msgr. Silver Opio
Vicariate for the Religious
Msgr. John Eriau